Sharp Iron Group



The Sharp Iron Group is a world class contract manufacturer and service provider.  We offer a total industrial solution to Original Equipment Manufacturers through delivery of quality parts or projects.  Sheet Metal Fabrication, Machining, Welding, Heavy Fabrication, Paint and Field Service make up the core competencies we offer from our locations in Wichita Falls, Texas.James Frank, CEO

The primary capabilities of the Sharp Iron Group came together through acquisition of exisitng companies, and development of services requested by our customers.  In 2000, wanting to become involved in the manufacturing industry, James Frank bought BW Fabricators, which specializes in heavy fabrication and production welding and field services. In 2004, he acquired the company that would become Sharp Iron, which specializes in sheet metal fabrication, precision machining and assembly.  In 2010, James added a low voltage electrical control operation to Sharp Iron. In 2011, the four brands known as BW Fabricators, BW Services, Sharp Iron and Armor Control merged under an umbrella of one company, Sharp Iron Group.

We operate under an ISO 9001:2008 and AS-9100:2004 certified Quality Management System that helps us provide the delivery, quality, service and price that our customers expect.    Our facilities (Hatton Road and Reilly Road) are centrally located in Wichita Falls, Texas where we serve regional and national customers are seeking our central U.S. location to keep transportation costs low and service high.

The bedrock of our operations is found in Proverbs 27:17, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."   We firmly believe that both organizations and people excel when they encourage, challenge and strive toward continual improvement.  

Sharp Iron Group 5 C'sWe believe there are five key areas where we must always concentrate to be successful.  These 5 C's encompass our Vision Statement:

1. Customers - What needs are we meeting and for whom?

2. Co-Workers - Who is on our team?  Who can help?  Who needs help?

3.  Core Competencies - What will people pay us for that we are both passionate about and great at doing?

4. Compensation - Are we watching our pricing, costs and financial performance to ensure long-term growth and a quality workplace?

5. Communication - What, how and with whom do we need to share to accomplish our job?

Sharp Iron Group has established and seeks long-term relationships with customers who appreciate or share our vision for success.

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