Sharp Iron Group


Core Competencies

Sharp Iron Group brings multiple core competencies together to offer our customers the ease of single-sourcing and completed assemblies.  Our core competencies include Sheet Metal Fabrication, Machining, Assembly, Welding, Heavy Fabrication and Paint. 

Customers find added-value in the Sharp Iron Group when we are able to bring multiple operations together for complex parts or assemblies.   Sharp Iron Group Brake Operator

Examples of the products produced at Sharp Iron Group include: laser and punch components, truck and skid component, carbon, and stainless steel fuel & hydraulic tanks, aircraft parts, fracturing pumps, machined manifold weldments and more. With wet painting capabilities in house, product lead times, quality and costs are optimized.Sharp Iron Group Welder

From small parts to complex assemblies or the largest projects [four ounces to 40 tons], when quality matters, Sharp Iron Group offers turn-key solutions from a single source contract manufacturer