Sharp Iron Group




AerospaceSharp Iron Group has a long history in the aerospace market providing commercial seat components, machined castings, aluminum and stainless steel components and assemblies.  One of our strategic goals is to develop the aerospace market and in 2010, we attained the AS-9100 certification allowing us to expand with our existing customers and also work directly with tier one aerospace companies.

Our capabilities of precision machining, light fabrication, tig welding, assembly and post processing allow us to provide the total industrial solution for our customers.  We are willing to invest in new machinery to help meet your demands.  Our experienced staff of machinists, fabrication specialist, mechanical and electrical engineers are here to help you and your company meet your outsourcing needs.

Custom Electrical Enclosures

Electrical EnclosuresSharp Iron Group is a leading manufacturer of custom electrical enclosures for industry utilizing our sheet metal and fabrication technologies.   Another one of our strategic goals is to grow and develop the power distribution and control market.  In that light our sheet metal capabilities provide a competitive advantage both internally and to our external customers.

Sharp Iron Group maintains the UL508A listing for electrical control panels, is ISO-9001 certified and ready to help you with your custom electrical enclosure needs.

Mining and Construction


The mining and construction markets have been, and are expected to be, a strong part of Sharp Iron Group's business.  Producing a variety of weldments and machined weldments for water well drilling rigs, mid range blast hole drilling rigs and other heavy equipment used in these markets.

Some of the products we produce for this market enclude:  hydraulic tanks, fuel tanks, consoles, engine covers, booms, clevises and a variety other parts used on these rigs.  In combination with our large fabrication capabilties at Sharp Iron Group's Reilly Road facility (formerly BW Fabricators), we produce derricks, chassis weldments and other frame sub assemblies.   From hole openers used in the mining industry; to derricks, hydraulic tanks and clevises on drilling rigs; the Sharp Iron Group has the capabilities to serve your needs. 

In addition, Sharp Iron Group has been producing components for years providing cross members, support brackets, control consoles, cooling tanks, channels, battery boxes, towbars, grills, and even tractor frames.   Again, Sharp Iron Group's broad capabilities of components, welding, machining and painting allow us to serve our mining and construction customer efficiently.   Contact us to discuss how we might serve you!

Oil  & Gas

Oil & GasSharp Iron Group is a leading producer of fracturing pump weldments & intake manifolds, fuel & hydraulic tanks, covers, housings, control consoles, chain guards and other components used in hydraulic fracturing and other service truck applications.  With our large fabrication and machining capabilties, we are well suited to provide these and other critical components of well servicing industry.  Call one of our application engineers today to discuss how we might serve you and your team.